Bobath Concept

The Bobath approach is an evolving model in the assessment and treatment of adults with a variety of acquired neurological conditions such as stroke, brain injury, incomplete spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis. The Bobath concept is a treatment approach to help people move in the most efficient manner to optimize balance, conserve energy, lessen body wear and tear, and reduce the feeling of strain.

It can be difficult to learn new movement or to learn confidence in existing movements on your own. The Neuro-Ability team can give you the opportunity to practice and improve movements in an atmosphere of safety.

The Bobath concept is based on two key ideas:

  • People with neurological problems can have potential to improve movement skills and
  • It is important to treat the person holistically.

The basis of the Bobath concept lies in maximizing the individuals realization of movement potential. It includes “hands-on treatment” to facilitate movement by lengthening short muscles, mobilizing or moving tight joints, strengthening weak muscles, and helping to keep your body in better alignment. This can be summarized as ‘stabilizing wobbly bits and mobilizing stiff bits’.

If one part of your body is out of balance because it is stiff or painful, because it feels like concrete, or because it is working too hard, the physiotherapist will try to help provide balance and give all parts of your body a chance to work together.

There are currently three IBITA Advanced Bobath instructors in Canada and two of them (Cathy Eustace and Libby Swain) work at Neuro-Ability. Cynthia Wilson is an Instructor Trainee and many of the other clinicians have taken Bobath courses (in addition to other types of specialization). Neuro-Ability's Bobath instructors teach courses across the country and internationally in our role with the Canadian Bobath Instructors Association, a component of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, Neurosciences Division. :: 675 E 17th Avenue @ Fraser Street :: 604-321-5807 :: Facebook

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