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What should I bring with me to the initial appointment?
For an initial assessment, it is always helpful to wear comfortable clothing such as shorts, sports-bra and a tank-top to allow a clearer analysis of how you move. If you have any braces or splints that you are currently using, that would be helpful to bring in as well as any medical records you may have on your condition and a list of medications.
How do I book an appointment?
Please call us. You may be put through to our answering machine as we are busy treating patients, so please leave a message with your name, telephone number and the best time to reach you and we will return your call. You can also email us at
Do you have a waitlist?
We do our very best to accommodate each client as quickly as we are able.
What is the difference between a neuro-physiotherapist and an orthopaedic one?
Neuro-Ability physiotherapists treat people with conditions impacting the nervous system. This is a specialist branch of physiotherapy. Your local physiotherapy practice is likely to be a specialist in the treatment of sports injuries, muscle sprains, neck and back pain.
I had a stroke a year ago. Can I still improve?
Yes. There are numerous factors that can have an impact on your recovery. With the correct physiotherapy input, patients can make gains over years. Following your initial assessment your Neuro-Ability physiotherapist will be able to advise you on realistic rehabilitation goals.
Will my extended health cover the costs of treatment?
Often private insurance policies will cover physiotherapy services up until a set amount that differs for each policy. Be sure to check the specific details of your plan. Usually you are responsible to pay for your treatment and to apply for reimbursement from your insurer.
How do I pay?
We will post you an invoice at the end of each month which you can pay by cheque.
Where do I park?
The building is wheelchair accessible and has paid parking located at the rear with two disabled parking spaces.
Am I treated in a private setting?
We have an open treatment space with the ability to close off treatment space if required.
Do I need a referral to Neuro-Ability?
No. You can refer yourself. We also accept referrals from doctors and other health professionals. :: 675 E 17th Avenue @ Fraser Street :: 604-321-5807 :: Facebook

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